Welcome to Kool Kickers Line Dancing

Welcome to Kool Kickers line dancing website. I hope you enjoy researching this site

Friendly classes are held from Absolute beginners to Intermediate by experienced Instructor/Choreographer

Tutorial/dance videos which have been taught in my classes, are available via the ‘You Tube’ link on the On Line Dances button

There is also a link on the website to our friendly facebook page

Please contact me if you would like any further information about any of our classes

Your First Steps: (for those new to line dancing)

Line dancing is a choreographed type of dancing

When you step out a line dance you are following a sequence of steps that have been arranged by a choreographer

When you start off at the beginner class. it is the task of the instructor not only to teach the dances and to boost your confidence, but just as importantly, to also teach you at least the basic step sequence. Of course teaching these step sequences is usually done as part of teaching a dance

I teach in blocks of 6 or 8 counts (6 beat or 8 beat phrased dances). A beginner dance is usually 32 counts

A few tips I give to my beginners:

Be Patient: Don’t expect to be dancing with the best of them after just one lesson. It doesn’t matter how long it takes – you will get there

Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice may not make perfect, but it will increase your confidence and help you learn a dance

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: You are paying the Instructor to teach you how to line dance and I am here to help you

Proper footwear is important: Shoes that are comfortable and provide just the right amount of traction (Grip) is essential