About Me

Hello, my name is Jean Harris and I have been teaching line dancing for 25 years.

Initially I started teaching young children aged 8 – 11 years at an after school club where I was employed. We danced frequently at Fetes and fund raising event.


My Classes

My class was so successful with the children that parents and other adults requested to join. It was not long before I had more adults than children and I was teaching two days a week– this was in the 1990’s when line dancing started to forge ahead.

My Musical Strengths

Choreographed dances suitable for children were few and far between so I choreographed most of the dances myself to music tracks selected by the young children. I was fortunate that my strengths were in music having played several musical instruments and studied music for many years.

Starting My Westfield's Class

I was also assisting at another established line dance class at the same time as attending an extremely good Intermediate level line dance class.

When this class closed approximately 12 years ago I was asked to start a class for modern style music as well as country style music which I agreed to do.  I have never looked back and the class has gone from strength to strength with a contingent of very committed. members.

AND in 2016 my Much Birch Class

In 2016 I was asked to take over another class in South Herefordshire as the Instructor was retiring. I visited the class on two occasions before deciding; they were so friendly and disappointed that they may have to close that I had no hesitation in agreeing to teach this lovely class.

My classes cater for all levels from Absolute Beginners to Intermediate. I teach dances to all genres of music. Everyone enjoys themselves and we are like one happy family of dancers!!

Up until lockdown my classes were run independently but will now be merged, as they are on Facebook, under the umbrella of:


I qualified as an Instructor through the Cert. of Ed Dance teaching system and the Best Western Dance Academy 2000 (BWDA2000) where I am licenced and registered